Thursday, September 12, 2013

Celebrating Sunshine

The sun is out. The air conditioning was off until 3 PM. Wonderful temperature. Tomorrow promises to be even better. The awful humidity will be gone by Monday and we can get back to being a desert.
You know, I have mentioned that we get a monsoon every summer and how I love it. Usually, it is a dynamic exciting 4 or 5 days. This summer the thing just won't go away. We are approaching 20+ days of high humidity and/or rain, thunder and misery. That is just my opinion about the entire thing.
We certainly need the rain, but jeez Louise, let's have some in the winter, okay.

Sunday, September 08, 2013

It is Friday already?

I did another I Love Lucy and did get this published on Friday. Pretend, it is good for you.

What happened to the week? Seems all I have accomplished is going to Physical Therapy and sleeping. I don't think I have been doing that well, either.
Southern Nevada is in Monsoon season, and usually this is a favorite time of year. Not this year. It seems that it is lingering, and after the Carpenter One fire the thunder and lightening are not the lovely fun natural fireworks. The humidity has been especially high and we, Southern Nevadans, are not used to that kind of stuff. I, personally, would like to give it back to New Jersey and New Orleans. This week we have on the menu the dregs of two tropical storms out of the Gulf of California in Baja Mexico and one that came all the way across the South from the Gulf of Mexico.
This morning is hazy but full of our famous blue sky.This afternoon back to the thunder storms, without rain usually.
I'm melting and cleaning my son Craig's homegrown beeswax. After it is cleaned I'm making votive candles and lip balms. The wax is coming out a lovely white creamy shade. I'm very happy to get this gift from him.

I had planned on making Bread and Butter pickles but I forgot to buy the cucumbers. I warned you, I was an I Love Lucy person.The next opportunity to go to the grocery is next Tuesday after P.T., then I will be doing B and B pickles. A couple jars will go to my son for part of his birthday gifts.

I did get the cantaloupe and it is in the freezer in the easiest recipe ever for something that is amazing on a nasty winter's morning. I'll share.
Freezer Cantaloupe

Cut up a ripe cantaloupe into serving size chunks or what size that will fit your container.
Pack melon loosely into a freezer container, in amounts for a family size serving.
Prepare frozen orange juice per package directions and pour over the melon to cover.
Leave room for the juice to expand as it freezes.
Freeze. Defrost a little bit before eating or not.

Have a wonderful, fun weekend.

Don't Tell Me Seattle Slipped South.

Good Gravy, this is the strangest monsoon season. Yesterday, it rained a bit here and was grey and overcast all day and night. I woke this morning at 4 AM to rain, steady earth soaking rain.
It is like living in Seattle, not the Mojave desert. Certainly we get rain, but not frequently do we get an inch of rain in 20 minutes like on Thursday.
I live next to a weather recording station. We have had .44 inches of rain since midnight and it is a lovely 68F.
I am not complaining oh no. I am expressing surprise.