Wednesday, September 06, 2006

If This is Wednesday, I Must Be in Las Vegas

Book word count 22000, actual count 12579. I'm crowning myself the Queen of Excuses. I hardly wrote anything yesterday. What I wrote yesterday was really cool. Excuse one: Two emails from Family=Migrane, that I finally have almost on the edge of control. Wish it were that easy to control the family emails. Excuse two=spent time tracing down oldest son, who is in "will of the whisp" phase and I'm always one stop behind where he was day before yesterday. Caught him yesterday. We had a good talk and he is doing okay. If you know me fairly well, you may remember that the eldest son was supposed to be going to India for the gem mining company, this was about 3 years ago. The Indian company pulled out of the deal at the last minute, after the company Craig worked with built this gem mining dredge that was big as a very large houseboat. Anyway, they said that they lost their financing and they ended up stiffing the company for fifteen grand that they still owed on the dredge and stiffed Craig personally out of about 4 grand in wages. Well, last week their check for 15 grand cleared the bank and the India project is back in the works. Craig hasn't seen his 4 grand yet, but the head honcho will be there for a meeting on Thursday or Friday. Craig will be back on the payroll to finish the last minute stuff on the dredge and see that the big beastie gets on the ship to India from Portland, Oregon around the end of Oct. Anyway, I hope that they come through with his back pay, and I hope that he does get a chance to go to India. He will be teaching the Indian mining people, underwater dredgeing. The mining claim or business in on some river in Southern India (Madras River?) that I can't think of right now, anyway some of the best gem mining in the world is there. Especially nice colored diamonds. Craig not only will get paid(?) he gets a cut of anything(gems and the by product of gold) that the miners get. If he wants to, he can putz around on his on down there and get his own gems.
So anyway, after talking for a long time about that, and the house he is trying to buy, I still had the migrane, but happy to talk to him.
Then DS2 Brian got a promotion, he is going to be a straight out designer, not a CAD person. Much less tension and stress, use a lot of more of his talent, and bigger bucks. So I'm extremely proud of him. He has come a long way in the past two years, Vegas has been very good for him.
But all this good and bad stuff didn't get the writing done.
DS2 is reading the Mrs Got Rocks in parts..he finished the amputated finger part last night..I think that I actually impressed him. He did have a suggestion for one line and I will work that into the second re-write. He is so much better at dialogue than I am.
Since I had about 3 hours sleep last night, I might be able to nap this morning, if the headache monster stays further back in my head. I will not write anything today that will be worth a hoot. But if I can sit still that long, I will write something. I'm thinking a rain storm might be a good thing, since Rocky just got the new roof on the cabin. Yes, she did, a bright blue roof. She didn't hurt herself, fall off the roof, step on a nail, or bash her finger or drop a shingle on someones head. Need a good rainstorm to roll some gold down into Rocky's claim.
I'm hungry, ohh, that is a good sign, going to toast a waffle. Have a great day.
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