Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Love in Sin City

I have submitted my Novella to three publishers. The novella is "Love in Sin City", a romance.
The novella form is interesting and was hard for me to use. I'm such a blabber fingers, that keeping the story tight and focused in 25000 words was a good experience for me. It also took no time to write when compared to a novel at 90000 words. Just line editing that is a full time career. The novella seemed a piece of cake to edit with only 85 pages.
Today, I'm returning to work on the Cat shape shifter novella form, I'm just a few pages into the synopsis. I've never written a paranormal anything before. Another genre to try. I think all this shifting between genre has to be good for my writing skills. I have another novella in mind and then back to the long form.
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