Thursday, August 29, 2013


The children are back to school. I live next to a middle school. All summer I have had a creeping feeling that something was amiss. Monday, I solved the mystery. School bells, announcements over the PA system and most of all the children noises were back and I felt much more content.
The mid level school children are very quiet in the morning on the way to school, but Lordy, Lordy come 2:30 in the afternoon and they are full of piss and vinegar. I missed that all summer.
Living in the desert, Autumn is very different from Alaska. Labor Day weekend it is not uncommon for it to snow on the mountains and hills surrounding Anchorage. The colors are turned over night to yellow and red.
Here, in the Mojave Desert, this year we're having higher humidity and the temps are lower. Everything is pretty much the same as last week, except another variety of mimosa tree is blooming and my nose is back to plugged and running.
The mountains are not clear to see with the humidity haze. I can just see the Sheep Mountains, and Little Black Mountain and Sunrise, at this minute I cannot even see Sunrise.
I think you need more pictures.
This is Elk Creek at Elk Creek Campground, Happy Camp California. If you need a very friendly rustic camping place in Northern California with nice Camper and Motor Home spaces this is the place for you. There are some tent camper spaces as well. Call 530-493-2208 for reservations. Roberta Collum is the owner. California does not allow fishing in the creek. There are lakes further up the mountain for fishing. After this weekend you will be certain to get the space you want. The spaces are not concrete. Propane available.
Same spot. I was watching a family of Wood Ducks shooting the little rapids. I watched for the longest time but could not get a photo of them. This is in May of 2010 or 2011. This is pretty close to the natural swimming hole.
That's it for today.

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