Friday, August 23, 2013

Been there, Done that.

Been gone awhile. I had knee replacement surgery on the 15th of July. Talk about your basic fiasco this time was and still is. The first knee surgery 18 months ago was a dream compared to this nightmare. Different surgeons and hospitals, etc. I had the most lovely view from the third floor of Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas. The staff there were terrific and the only thing weird was the food. Even had WiFi and all the comforts of home (sort of). No one could fault the night staff on the third floor, they were very caring and good.I thank them all. Then the story gets stickier. But I ended up with a great roomie at TLC rehab center after I walked out on the first one and threw a mild snit fit about her noise. The new roomie was and is a real character, turns out we live about less than a mile apart, I can practically see her house roof from my living room. The most interesting thing, she has been an Avon lady for 43 years. Yes, 43. Just amazing. She has been in the hospital and rehab for almost all year and her husband is running her Avon business. She is home now, at last, and I wish her the best and have to call her tomorrow with my Avon order. So, I met someone new, and that is always a good thing. The rest of the adventure has been bordering on nightmare. My son has been an angel, picking up my laundry and returning it clean. Taking out the garbage and making sure I have food and getting pastry surprises even when I don't want them. So a big thank you to Brian. He, of course, is really relieved that I can do all the personal cleaning and getting into and out of shower on my own.
I loaned out my camera so I'll have to get you a picture of some flowers grown by Craig two years ago almost. The weather has been so overcast and T-storms, that there isn't much to see anyway. The pictures of my knee is too gory to put on the blog. So you get flowers. Not that bad of a deal.
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