Thursday, October 10, 2013

Dancing in the Moonlight 2.0

October 9th.
Just short of three months from knee replacement surgery, I got the final word from the Doctor. I'm done, finished, cooked, repaired and can put away walkers,canes, Physical Therapy and best of all the pain meds.
I want to thank Scott, my Physical Therapist here at home for not only pushing me onto the bike, but his kind and caring self. I want to thank, as well, Catherine and Clemencia (Phys Therapist) at Desert Vally Therapy in Las Vegas for laughing at my jokes, making me cry and sweat and because they were always willing to talk about nail polish, our sons and nutty topics. And all three of them for thinking that ballroom dancing was a great idea to go do, now.
Now here I am after at least six years of incredible pain, almost pain free, with two 9 inch scars on my knees, with two metal and plastic knees that both make clicking noises and my first adventure out in public without a cane. I felt light and unencumbered. Sort of like I left something somewhere.
I have my personal card for setting off metal detectors, getting antibiotics before I get my teeth cleaned and a boatload of other things I never thought would be important to do with some plastic and metal implants.
I'm ready for ankle weights as I still have to strengthen the muscle above the knee, and dancing shoes and what the hell am I going to wear?
By the way, it snowed in the Spring Mountains last night and the sight was lovely this AM. I hope the tourists came out of the casinos long enough to look at it..It was dang cold this morning as well. I love the desert. I don't have a camera talented enough to get a pix of the snow.
I am feeling really sorry about the people in South Dakota suffering from that horrible snow storm this past week. Sorry about so many livestock that didn't make it through the storm. Horrible loss.
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