Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time to get back to Work.

I have two novels on the very cusp of being finished. Blackberry Murders has nothing to do with phones and plenty to do with Blackberry bushes. You may not think that is scary, but oh me oh my, will you be surprised. I have been writing on this full length novel for many years. It seems to have a life of it's own. It got totally scrambled, fried in a computer meltdown. So badly fractured that even the paid computer experts could not unscramble it. I started over again with it, and painfully rewrote 120,000 words of fun, murder, mayhem and horses.Actually it wasn't fun, but I did have a few pages of hard copy to work from. I learned a pain filled huge lesson about backing up my writing and external memory collectors. It needs one more edit and she is ready to wear her new clothes and go meet some friends at the pub.

The next full length novel at the wire is Love Arrives on Horse Back. This one has a more positive back story. I had started it aa a general "what if" premise, but I was feeling iffy about it. I thought it was interesting but would anyone else. One day months ago, I had my regular checkup with my primary care physician, he sometimes askes me about my writing. I know, knock you over with a feather a Doctor who wants to know what you are about other than symptoms! Dr. John Hou M.D. Health Care Partners, 4275 Burnham Ave Ste.220 Las Vegas, Nevada. Behind Desert Springs Hospital.
 Anyway, I told him the idea and said that I felt it was iffy. He didn't feel that way, he said write it, it will be good. My son, Brian said write it, it will be good. So I wrote it and it is under submission to a publisher. It is in the second round of submissions waiting the final very slow answer whether it will be published by them or not. I wish they would hurry up I would like to rework the final two pages, itching to re-write those pages.

That leads me to right now. Fresh new writing. All the older works are published or thrown out as a bad job.
. I'm in the first pages of a sequel to Star Hunter, my first and I thought only Sci Fi to ever be produced. But I loved the Bounty Hunters, every single one of them, and writing a ensemble of 10 or more main characters is a definite brain whirl. This time I think that Boomie will be the main focus and I'm adding a super smart Physician, who is the opposite of all big brawny physical action types of the Bounty Hunters. Oh, he is going to get involved in the action scenes all right. He might turn out to be the favorite character I have ever written, except for the fellow in Ms. Got Rocks, whom I killed off and was so sad that I did, I cried out to my sister that I murdered him and I didn't want to.
Here I am, and happy to be feeling well enough to get back to work. That old saying "Busy hands are happy hands". This is a big grin you are seeing.
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