Thursday, November 09, 2006

She said, He said

I wrote the final three paragraphs of the second Mrs. Got Rocks book. I could not wait for my writing partner to read them. After all, what I did to the main character was his idea. When I asked him to read it and told him what I did, I was horrendously surprised at his reaction.
"You didn't." he said.
"Yeah, I did." she said.
"How could you?" he asked.
"You told me to!" she explained.

There is plenty to write between where the story is now, and the end that I have written. I'm about 90 pages from goal length.

Did writing partner like what I had written? I do not think so, I think he was so stunned at what happened to poor Got Rocks, that he felt nothing else. Or maybe, it was just a piece of bad writing.
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