Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Completed, Done, Finished.

That's right! I just finished writing the sequel to "Mrs. Got Rocks". The sequel right now is titled "Load of Rocks." There are some little pieces yet to be written. Things that I find boring to write, so I skip over them. Like saying goodbyes at airports, so maybe a whole page of dialogue like that. It is times like that I wish it were kosher to write a paragraph and reuse it every time that situation occurs.
"Load of Rocks" will be done by next Monday, and then it goes into sit,stay mode to gel and then into rewrite. While that is happening I will re-work some spots on Mrs. Got Rocks and start the new adventure book, tentatively titled Joanne Dark.
Joanne Dark is going to take time to write, because I will have to have the writing partner write large sections of it, and I'm going to have to do some research on locations to take the story.
I can't get the book rights to the other story from my family to do that book that was supposed to be next. The one about my Uncle and Aunt in Burma pre and World War II. Good romance and adventure story. They were incredible people, and the story is just itching to be told. And such a movie it would make, oh my! I will be happy with what I have, it is a good tale, so far in my head and a little on paper. Writing partner was fairly interested in the story line.
Joanne Dark probably will take an entire year to write, at least that is the time line I see.
Hooray, the Rocky series is done!!!! It is was blast and a headache to write.
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