Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Heart and Soul, I Fell in Love with You

The music has been running through my head for about 18 hours. I was "listening" to the latest Superman flick. The melody stuck. It lasted through my sleep and I found that I was humming it as I brushed my teeth. I think this is the best Superman movie made, however I only have to see this genre once. Son has viewed it at least three times, so I removed myself (very Victorian) to my room and tried not to listen, but that durn song. It is similar to watching "You've Got Mail." without singing the opening song all day.
The Heart and Soul of the manuscript is not long enough. I figured I'm about 18K words short of a dime. For two days I have been going through the manuscript in my head looking for sections that could be expanded or places where another whole adventure could be inserted without rewriting the entire story. Two logical spots for expansion just fell in place. The first is the one that I did leave short, honestly I truly did that. I sound like the "dog ate it." That is the Chapter on the Lost Dutchman Mine. When I was writing it I thought it would work much better than I think it stands. For the past months writing this I have been debating within my head to just cut that section of the story out. But and it has a big bad but, it explains so much about one of the characters, who, what, where and very importantly the biggie WHY. So it has managed to stay in the story, limping along being too short. I think I lost my concentration on the Lost Dutchman Mine at the wrong stage of writing.
Listening to Heart and Soul I Fell in Love With You, I did get a blast of wind driven sand into my brain and came up with some more action that will fit in that chapter.
The second area of expansion is in the first date scene. I got it to one point and just stopped it with a joke. DS2 writing partner read it and laughed out loud. Then he wanted to know if Rocky got nekked. Such is the Heart and Soul of man!?? Does Dr. Scarpetta get nekked, indeed not.Well, on occason she has, but with that Wesley guy, who I think would be like having two glaciers bumping, but P. Cornwell's books do not need Dr. Scarpetta to be bed hopping. Maybe the author just feels that she can't write sex scenes well. Tho' she does a wonderful job with that aspect of the victims of the crimes. And while we are on the subject, why oh why did she never allow Kay Scarpetta to finally fall in love with the big goofy detective? She let him go all to pieces. It didn't take too much to see that the spark in Scarpetta could have been ignited beautifully and readily, but no she sticks her with that ice cube Wesley. Oh well, I still wait on the book truck for the latest Scarpetta and Heart and Soul will forever sing for them.
So back to my measely little book and Patricia Cornwell can deliver her latest to the store and I'll be thrilled.
Back to topic. I can expand the date scene, though I really like it just the silly way it turned out. I may have to expand, because I'm also thinking of a section that I want to remove, and it isn't a little bitty three paragraph jobbie either, it goes on and on and on and on. Which is exactly why I'm thinking that the section needs to go bye bye.
Write on, have a wonderful day.
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