Saturday, December 23, 2006

Scratch the Love Scene

I remembered a true incident about gold mining that I was going to put into Ms. Got Rocks, but it never got there. It will get to Load of Rocks and it will fit in nicely .
I was reading a Nevada Barr novel last night, and noticed that I had lost track of the story. I was thinking of something for Rocky, that had nothing to do with the Barr story. I "read" two pages and didn't get a thing. I think that bit in my head can be expanded into something really intriquing for Rocky. Has nothing to do with skin diving in the Dry Tortugas as the pages in the book were explaining. How close is it to what I was reading? Rocky will be cleaning out the attic of the cabin in Whiskey Gap California. See, really close to skin diving in the Gulf of Mexico, eh.
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