Friday, December 22, 2006

What Do I Do Now?

The first edit is complete on "Load of Rocks." Remember me saying I added around 15 new pages. The little rascal is still too short. I planned for at least 75000 words. It stands at 62462. Agreed that is a lot of words. But it is too long for a short story, too short for a novel and novella production would mean that I would have to shorten Mrs. Got Rocks to make these a set of two. Mrs. Got Rocks is weighing in at a weensy over 75000.
I have to do the math...I need, rounded down, 12500 words. That equated to 51.65 pages at my word rate of 242 words per page. At 13 to 15 pages per chapter, shhhheeeessssh that is about 4 more chapters! I hate math and love words. Okay, I have to think up four more chapters and I have until the end of the year to do that, get them written, edited, and ready to go. No Prob...may I go be sick somewhere.
Write on...think on...invent a new adventure on..guess I'm going to force myself to write a really truly love scene, and I do mean a love scene, not a sex scene, tho' that can be an adventure also. I can probably make the part where Rocky had the realization in the room in Fairbanks, I could probably make that much more layered, I did want it to just be her sitting and discovering that what she has in her life, is sitting in a room talking to her dogs and how desperate that makes her feel, the deperation reflected in the sparsely worded and length of the scene. That may work to define that better. Some of this may be resolved when the guinea pig readers have finished and I have their input. Nevertheless, the little pony is too small to go to the big pony show.
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