Sunday, December 17, 2006

That Was Fast?

Last night I finished the first major edit on "Load of Rocks". It seems to me that I ran through the edit lickety split. I faithfully read other writer's blogs and particuliarly pay attention when they are in the edit rewrite stag. Either I'm not doing this part correctly or I spend more time daily doing it. I'm not going to get myself all anxious about this..not much anyway.
The story still has a notation on what I orginally planned to write in one section. I planned to write that part and then got bored or side tracked with a better idea that I needed to put the metal to the metal and get into the story before I forgot it. I'm thinking since I'm not blazing away writing that part that it could be deleted. If it was not important enough to me for the first writing, well you know.
At this time I still like Rocky the main character, but I'm anxious to move along. The next story is driving me nuts trying to get out of my imagination. Between today and the first of the year, I want to do run through/rewrites on all three of the completed manuscripts. I have earned so many new and better writing skills this past six months that I want to work again on Blackberry Project and Mrs. Got Rocks. I need to finish these and get the spy mystery that I'm co-authoring that is sitting doing nothing, off the blocks and back into the race. Only then can I start writing the new adventure story. I have two single spaced note pages and the time line working. I told the plot line to my sister yesterday and she just went "Wow". Who knows, she sounded more stunned than interested.
Anyway off to edit land I go..
Have a wonderful happy Sunday.
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