Tuesday, January 02, 2007

The Clean Slate

That is what the New Year always feel to me. Time renewed to achieve whatever you want to achieve, to be whatever you need to be.
I usually don't bother with resolutions. Revolutions would be more appropiate to getting me to change my ways and amend my personality. So the few I made I will try to work on, but no promises.
Today I just worked my hiney off and finished the rewrite, final, and at last done, editing of the first full length book I wrote. It is going to the agent this week coming heqq or high water. I had not read it for quite awhile and some parts of it just suck and bog down, but some parts of it, well I have to say I impressed myself. It is a rollicking good suspense mystery and the ending is just such a surprise!
Enough patting myself on the back and now I have just the extra addition attractions to the third novel and well..who knows after that. The second week in January is a long way away.
Cheers, have a great year.
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