Friday, January 12, 2007

What Does a Walrus Do in Winter?

You really wanted to know that didn't you? Yeah, me too. But it is important, really! I was working away yesterday, taking the damn adverbs out and putting them back and vice versa, and I came to a section of the story where there is a walrus and that is fine. But it is winter in the story and a blizzard is beginning to blow and why would any walrus worth a toothbrush, sit around in that? Is a walrus there or sitting drinking Corona in Cabo San Lucas? I still don't know, but by tonight I will know. Would you like a special e-mail advising you of the whereabouts of the walrus in Alaska? Now, oh course you would. Seriously, I will not spam you with walrus spam.
Last night I finished the two last parts of "Stephen King on Writing." It was really interesting, I could not put it down once I started it. I learned two things about myself and the way I write. One of them I have been back and forth and cannot feel right about. I do feel better or perhaps more resolved about the swearing issue, thanks to Mr. King. I promised him as I finished that section that I would tighten up more and watch my adverb useage.
If you recieved a CD of "Load of Rocks" from me and the damn thing will not open,please let me know. My sister tried to open hers last night and all she got was a blank screen. Could it be possible I sent her a blank CD? Nah, DS2 made the CD's...who knows, I know more about walrus in winter than copying to a simple CD.
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