Monday, January 29, 2007

You Have to Read This Book!

I mean it! If you like action adventure mystery stories, don't miss it. "Firestorm" by Nevada Barr.
I want to write action adventure. I have just discovered Ms. Barr because I read mysteries. I could hardly put this book down, I fell asleep reading it. I kept reading and saying to myself, "this is how it is done." "Learn from her." This not a recent book, you may have to search it out at the used book store or from the library. I hope you like Ranger Anna Pigeon.
I have written one sentence this morning, in addition to this blog. Big fat sloth this morning, but now I have a huge cuppa of coffee and I'm hitting the keys.
I have a plan for a new book and sometime this week I'll be back and tell you more about it. Rocky is not in this one. Joanne is the character. I may change the name, not totally liking that, yet. Mariclaire was another choice but it is too long, besides my sister would kill me using her name. The Gallic sound works for her, tho'.
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