Friday, January 05, 2007

I wrote a song.

Yesterday I woke up with a song floating through the brain waves. The melody is a Celtic folk song that I have heard somewhere. I have never written music. At this late date I think it is strange that I have never written music. I majored in music for my first two semesters in college. Majored in music until it occurred to me there are as many starving musicans as unpublished writers. Changed majors to chemistry and business. I would have preferred singing, but a girl has to earn a living. There were two working opera singers in my family, my voice wasn't that good. It is good enough to use as a defensive weapon when the idiot upstairs turns on his icky music and thinks he can sing. He cannot carry a simple tune. A couple of bars of the Stanford Fight Song or "I am Pretty" and he shuts the heck up. Could it be he doesn't like his windows rattled. I digress.
Be that as it may, I wrote the lyrics yesterday morning. I was supposed to be writing chapters. Was this lyrical inspiration due to lack of inspiration on the book?
While I was keying the lyrics into the computer as fast as they were pouring out of my sleepy head, I thought I was writing poetry. I do not write poetry. There are few genres of writing that I find dreary, in fact there is only one. That one is poetry written by amateur poets, where every line is written in limerick meter. The meter where the accent is always on the last word of the line and every line rhymes. That is why I don't write poetry.
I like my song, I will have to ship it off to my sister to sing for her singing group.
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