Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm Homesick for Alaska

I have been reading a series of mysteries by Dana Stabenow. She was born,raised and still lives in Anchorage, Alaska. Not only does she write well, I think, but she gives a realistic modern telling of what it is really like to live in Alaska. This week I devoured three of her books. One is just a short story, but it is so well done I was not disappointed.Her descriptions of places in Anchorage is like going on a tour of the city. Not a tour bus tour, but as if I took you in my car and we sooped around town.
I have never seen these books in a bookstore or in hardbound, my local library in Vegas has them. Can you believe??? Love Vegas' library system.
Anyway, the three this week are: A Fatal Thaw...: Blood Will Tell and the last one A Fine and Bitter Snow.
If you can find them--and are the least bit interested in the Alaskan lifestyle grab them and hold them close.
I cried though a lot of A Fatal Thaw, it made me so home sick.
Tomorrow, Friday morning, I will put up the next piece of Mrs. Got Rocks.
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