Saturday, August 26, 2006

I'm writing again.

Last night I made three pages of the opening for the new story of Rocky, what is probably going to have to be series.
This morning I did a total rework of the ending of Mrs. Got Rocks. Much, much better this time. But dang his hide I still cannot get Deputy Bashful to grab Rocky and do what is in his head.
Maybe I will have better luck in A Pile of Rocks, or a Bag of Rocks or a Load of Rocks..whatever it is..Deputy Dixon is in the second book and he is going to be working his buns off. So far the dogs and Thumper are back. I like Thumper alot, so she is going to be doing some cute things, that I have written down just for her. There is a new character introduced on the first pages.
Yesterday, I made soup in the crockpot, it turned out fairly good, but I think I put in too much chili powder and cumino. A south of the border type Yankee vegetable soup.DS2 liked it.
Back to the story, break is over.
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