Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Apply Pressure

I calculated last night that if I wrote consistently every day for 5 weeks, I could have the next book written to the second draft stage.
I did not take into account mornings like this, when I have had coffee, and the only thing I have written is what I'm writing now.
The only excuse is that I slept in and I was looking at the Sisters in Crime webpage and the Sisters in Crime Guppies Chapters page.Then somehow that transpired into reading all the Stabenow newletters back to 2004. Am I crazy? I have writing to do, not reading someone elses writing.
I think I'll have another coffee warm up. Looks like 5 weeks and one day.
I discovered that Bless His Heart Old Computer can and still does have the grammar check feature. Ran through about 100 pages yesterday, until my eyeballs were about to drop out. Had a refresher for the eyeballs watching a DVD from the Horatio Hornblower TV miniseries.
All right ,I will fill up the coffee and write my own stuff.
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