Wednesday, August 23, 2006

That was Sticker Shock!!

I did what I tasked myself yesterday. Around the seven loads of laundry,dishwasher and the other mundane junk. I went online and looked at three university online education programs. Deleted two because there was not a course offering I wanted to take. Then, I did find an interestng course and went to the bottom line knitty-gritty. I almost croaked, the cost was very close to an entire months pay, fer pete's sake.
There will not be an MFA degree in the future of this old lady.
Well, I may revise that.I'm checking out U of Nevada Las Vegas regular courses. If there is a huge difference in cost, I could almost take a taxi to class and still come out ahead. Too far away to take a bus..would be about a six hour round trip. Now that would be stupid.
Editing Mrs. Got, of course I am not finished with yapping about it. I got this brainstorm about the time the second load of jeans came out of the dryer. I don't like some of the characters names, next week, Justin is going to be something else,Justin just sounds to nice and probably Deputy Dixon will have a more Dudley DoRight first name. Margie,Devlin.Rocky,Talltree,Doc Martin are fine. Next week the ending will be rewritten, not changed in content of Rocky and Tony riding off into the sunset, but I do not like the way I said it. I can do better.
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