Friday, August 18, 2006

What am I going to do now.

This is an interesting afternoon. Mrs. Got Rocks is all finished posting to the blog, and I deeply appreciate all of you who took the time to read it. Your comments thrilled me to pieces. Really, they did.
I have about 100 more pages of the first edit and rewrite of Rocky to complete. It is now at 326 pages, getting closer to the goal of 350. I have several hundreds of new words written, more deleted and/or rewritten. I think it is coming along being tighter and still the warm fuzzy story I wanted to tell. I still like the concept, though quite frankly at this point, I'm sick of reading it. I will finish the first edit task this weekend. Then Rocky will take at least a week of rest and then I will sit down and read the story through. I will begin the second edit and rewrite any thing that is too nasty. Like I already am not thrilled with that weak butted ending paragraph, even though when I wrote it a year ago, I thought it was pretty durned good. That is what is up with Rocky. Then if it is looking good, I will send out her letter asking an agent to present her to a publisher.
I have already begun the task of research of my next big project. This will be another adventure novel based on a true story chronicled by one of my uncles about another of my uncles.
But since that research will take about a year and then another year to write the book, I need something to write along with that.
I would like to do a series of essays and those I will probably post as blogs, which many blogs are essays, though the writers would go eehew, if they were known as essayists.
I have an idea for a soapmaking how to book concept that I want to present to Storey Publishers.
I am planning to take DS2 spy novel and get it back on track, he just doesn't have the time to devote to writing that I do, and his job provides him with the creative outlet he needs. There is no impearative there to write, as there is with me.
I guess I'll figure it out.
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