Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Mrs. Got Rock is Finished

Whew, I did it. I finished it at 7am Pacific time. My goal to finish was today at 8am. Hee hee..talk about your anal writer.Actually the goal was the end of September ,so I'm really ahead.
There are some hours of houskeeping things to do, such as page numbers and chapter breaks. Actually, make that chapter breaks, then page numbering. It finished out at 78890 words, 339 pages. As I wrote yesterday, I'm tired of it. So, the Rocks is getting to sleep for awhile. Now is the time for the writer to become businesswoman and start in on the long nasty process of getting someone to publish it. Then I can stop calling it a manuscript and call it a book.
I have three of my A list publishers to start with. My sister has a friend who started his own publishing company to get his book printed, and of course, she wants me to send him a copy. I will send his publishing company a letter this week. I googled the name and got no hits.
Well, I'm going to go celebrate the completion of my second novel by loading the dishwasher and mopping the kitchen floor.

Other book news, I got a chance yesterday to go to my local used book store(and also the closest bookstore) where I found a signed copy of one of Dana Stabenow's book. Cost me an arm and leg, but I got it anyway. Small world squared, the owner of the bookstore is a personal friend of hers. Isn't that peculair since we are in Vegas, and she lives and writes in Anchorage, Alaska.
I'm looking into the Harvard University Online Education program. This is a program I believe that Harvard started last year. I would like to work on an MFA, but getting around is getting more difficult for me. An online program would be a real life answer. U C San Diego has a MFA also, I might hop over there today, and check out the online courses.
Just too much to do, I think I will need another lifetime to squeeze it all in.
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