Thursday, February 22, 2007

Doing the Splitzies

Remember months ago that writing partner Brian suggested that I should combine the Rocky books into one bigger and better. I didn't want to do it then, I wasn't finished writing the second one. He could see that I was going nowhere with the second story. I'm now doing the splits taking from Load of Rocks, adding to Got Rocks and new writing, shorter more intense beginning and I'm seeing that he was right.
I'm also writing the fantasy story. Writing partner Brian is into that fantasy stuff ,I am mystery/techo thriller. We cannot always write what I want to write and so I am writing fantasy. The story line is nice, it is clever and will be romantic. It is a lot easier for me to write something that rolls the heroine down the backside of a river and attempts murderlizeing her then write about the fairies who live in sentient trees. And if the damn fairies and trees don't do something soon, I will scream. Thank the sentient tree god that this thing is only goaled out at 25000 words. Brian has promised me mean fairies, somewhere.
Could be why I'm doing the splitzies to get some relief.
I have a new keyboard that is very stiff and full of spring. I writeaparagraph and discover the space bar stike is not firm enough. I'm trying not to whine or at least whine to self. Brian bought a basic keyboard, that is what he wanted, I want my bells and whistles back, I love my calculator button and my internet access button and volumne control and the cut,paste and copy keys are my favorites. I'm putting the bells and whistles back on this morning. Dang the splits takes too long doing the control this and control that keys. So I'm a diva, I'm from a long line of divas, so kill me, at least that would be some action to write.
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