Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ten Odd Things About Me.

M G Braden tagged me for this meme. Ten odd things about myself..everything is odd about me, so ten of the oddest.
1. I'm the only person in my family who is left handed and has curly hair.
2. I can remember the first story I wrote, I was about eleven. It would be classed as chick lit today. Even I thought it was awful. It did make me feel good inside while writing it ,though.
3. I can knit throwing the yarn with either hand. Bless being left handed.
4. I like getting up between 4 and 5 AM.
5. I don't think it is odd, but some might: I make handmade soap.
6. Chocolate is not my sweet of choice. Tho' York Peppermint Patties and Cadbury Eggs had better run for their lives.
7. I read my first ever Harlequin book and my first ever vampire story yesterday. I enjoyed it.
8. I'm related to Sir Isaac Newton. Not directly 'cause he didn't have any children. My ancestor was his assistant and biographer who married old Uncle Newts niece Caroline. Wish old Uncle Newton had peeled some apples and not invented algebra. Blast him.
9. My goal is to write screenplays with great parts for women. Women who do things and are funny, who don't scream.
10. I hate telephones.
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