Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm Jumping Backward.

It is driving me sleepless that I have shelved Load of Rocks as an unfinishable dud. It has been bugging me, serious cosmic annoyance that I did not finish what I started. Everytime I write something on Liberty I find that my mind wanders off to fixing Load. I knew this morning what I am going to do with it. I feel better, even though I'm not sure that this is the problem. I know that I bored the readers that I sent copies. I'm hoping that this will be the beginning of a good solid story.I decided to move the opening to the "to be saved file" and move the middle scene to the opening and just basically rewrite the entire 65489 words.
The really funny part of my mother insinuateing herself into my thought pattern, she will shortly begin screaming at me that I was supposed to be working on Liberty and the e-publishing romance. I do not have a conscience, I have a mother in my head. The writing partner and I are working on the Liberty project this weekend, and I still haven't found anything on the Presidential Palace in Argentina. I think that sounds like a wonderful reason to go to Argentina and look for the palace in person.
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