Thursday, February 01, 2007

The New Story

Another action adventure story is in the works. Around the sinus meds yesterday I wrote five single spaced pages of plot and people. I must have been a tiny bit spacey because the story now has one of those big draft horses. A dappled grey Percheron like my Grandparents had, except they had a set of two for plowing and Dolly the horse is out wandering on her own. Not sure where this is going in the story, funny what I write when I'm "under the weather" or "three sheets to the wind or just plain miserable. Yesterday was the miserable part.
So the story is going to be a hybrid action/adventure cyberpunk possibly romantic but maybe more likely erotic romantic. I have accepted the challenge from my writing partner to write a romance with hot love scenes. He, being in his thirties, seems to think the old broad can't do that. I wonder if he ever considered how he got here, hatched out by the sun? Not even.
Anyway, where was I? I have one male character described, one horse described, okay so she is dappled grey with big feet, white mane and tail (big stretch there), there is a dog sled team of 10 dogs, and no invaders from other planets. It is set in 2027,the working title is now The Longest Trek, but that will probably change soon as the brain clears. The heroine is going to be fairly ordinary looking, but of course she will do things, I haven't described her other than 5'4" brown hair and brown eyes. In my mind is she nice looking but she wouldn't get a job modeling for Versace. The main hero, who I think I'm going to have to kill off around mid story, is just the funniest man. Have you ever noticed how truely sexy funny men are. Not the Jim Carrey kind of funny, but men who are infused with the sense of play, joy, I guess. I'm hoping that I can write that into this guy. I'm going to be upset with myself if he comes off as a dimwitted doofus.
I'll tell you some more about this when I get it out of the head and onto the 'puter.
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