Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Jumping Forward

I found a title for the romance novel. The working title is going to be "Freeze Out". Doesn't sound like any hot steamy romance novel. Jheeez, but the novel is set in Antarctica. I think but not positive yet, the title is referring to the freezing out of the unwanted attention of the gicky type when the Yummy Dude is standing around with his tongue flapping like a winded Labrador retriever. I can not see Yummy Dude yet, so he is just YD1 in the notes for the meanwhile.
I decided that there is no reason that I cannot re-write Load of Rocks, write Liberty and also Freeze Out at the same time. Load and Liberty should come in around 75000 and Freeze Out may be around 35-50000. Whatever am I thinking? I would be editing three books at the same time..that is as nutty as squirrel guts. Bad idea, you did not read it here.
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