Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Carpenter Canyon 1 Fire Update.

This is Carpenter Canyon Fire Monday afternoon. Wind blowing smoke north on the ridges of the Spring Mountains. Photo compliments of Brian Colt.
This is the picture from the other day from the Pahrump NV. side of the Spring Mountains. The volume of the smoke looks about the same. Photo compliments of Laura Billman.

The fire is 15 per cent contained. It is now 15,000 acres.

I am sitting at my computer looking North. The sky is Las Vegas blue except for a huge bank of smoke on the left running S to N. Nye County must be covered by now. OMG.

I just received this night photo from the Pahrump side. Again the photo is compliments of our friend Laura Billman from Pahrump NV.

Th humidity is coming up in the next few days that will help. The Feds have sent in a air tanker. But that doesn't make it any easier to go up and down those canyons trying as best the firefighters can to save those homes. Carpenter 1 Fire is now the #1 priority fire in the nation. We wish we weren't.

Thanks to Laura and Brian for the photos.
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