Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Fire Update Sat. Morning

I didn't get to watch the news last night, so really nothing but personal observation. I was out and about on the west side of town and the east as well and kind of every place in between. The smoke was in the main confined to the mountain ridges. In some places it looked as though it might have been raining hard. There was lots of humidity, lots for us. At 7AM yesterday there was 66% humidity. I know, if you live in New Jersey you are saying, "I'll take that." To us cactus patch dwellers high humidity is 12%. Several days ago, I could not see the mountain directly in front of my window. Yesterday afternoon, I could see all three of them. Little Black Mountain, Sunrise Mountain and Black Mountain out the kitchen window.
I have some night pictures. I'm not sure if they are taken by my son Brian Colt or of our favorite lady photog Laura Billman. But anyway. They know who took them, thanks guys.
The last I heard the spokesperson for the emergency crews said they thought the fire would be under control by the 19th of July.

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