Friday, July 05, 2013

Very Scary Carpenter Canyon Fire

As of this afternoon, the fire had burned 9000 acres of the only forest southern Nevada has. The temp right now at 930 PM is 100 F, and the wind is at 20 gusting to 25-35 mph. You can imagine at the top of those ridges the wind is blowing harder that that.
We went out for ice cream a little while ago and could see the fire on the top of the ridge at Mt.Charleston. I have been in floods, major blizzards, ice storms, lots of earthquakes and wind so hard that you were moved out of the way. But seeing that fire on that ridge was/is one of the scary-ist things ever.
I live about 30 miles from the area of the fire. That should give you some idea how huge it is. I did not get a photo. If you have ever been in the Las Vegas area you have seen that our mountains go straight up and straight down. There are very few roads up there. The roads there are closed, except for emergency vehicles. If you are a praying person, give a shout out for the firefighters up there.

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