Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Update on Fire Carpenter 1

Top and lower photos courtesy of Laura Billman of Pahrump, NV  Mid photo courtesy Brian Colt of Las Vegas NV. The photos are showing the west side and the east side of the Spring Mountains. Pahrump is West. Las Vegas is East.
As of 5 pm this afternoon, the fire is at 20K acres and is now 10% contained. The good news is no homes have been lost, the really bad news is that one business has been burned out.
Wind is at 35 mph. This morning and early afternoon the wind has the smoke over the mountains South to North. Right now I look out my window and the air is filled with yellow, gray smoke. I cannot see Sunrise Mountain and just barely can see Little Black Mountain, which normally are clear as bells view of mine. The wind is coming out of all directions.
There are now 500 total people working on the fire. The monetary cost is 5 Million. The human cost is incalculable.

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