Tuesday, July 02, 2013

I Just Learned Something Exciting to Me.Thank you, Amazon.

The Armed Venus or Amazon in the National Museum in Washington, DC.

If you are an Indie writer, one of the things you do is create your own book cover, or hire someone to do it for you. An author then hopes to recover the cost of the pro when the book sells.
I am not in that cash range, yet.
However, yesterday I got a e-book called Free Kindle Book Covers.by Paula Neal Mooney. First, I am right there for anything free. Come on, you know you are too. Second, I spent hours and hours yesterday afternoon making a new cover for Ms. Got Rocks. I tensed up so that my back ached.
I reminded myself that I was not out in the 107F heat digging ditches. So shut up and do it. I did.
I started reading Free Kindle Book Covers when I went to bed at 1AM. By 1:15, I was out of bed looking at the Kindle Publishing Web page and making a new cover in about 15 minutes and it was terrific. The pre-made covers have wonderful art work. I was terribly impressed, and today I'm going to start finding what I want for the "Love Arrives" covers. I have never met Miss Mooney, but should I ever, I shall throw myself at her feet and hug her lovely feet. I did not get paid for this post. Before I start working on the new cover I will jump over to the book page and leave a 5 star review.
If you write you need to look at this book.

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