Monday, July 01, 2013

Put on Your Monday Shoes.

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I know it is hot and icky. I know, I have just been out in the stuff to pay bills. I know, I have a heat headache to prove it.

But I will suck it up and get my Monday boogy shoes on.

My sister just finished reading Ms. Got Rocks, and she loved it. She said that this one was much better than the last one she read. I thought she really liked the last one. Oh well, I want to improve, so that is good Monday news.

More good Monday news. The lady across the way had successful cataract surgery, that is great. She is one of those 91 year old ladies who makes the Every Ready bunny exhausted. She was doing her laundry when I visited her. Even that common chore must be so much easier now that she has one eye that works. Very happy for her. Try measuring laundry soap with your eyes closed, to say nothing of sorting colors.

I think that is all the good morning news from here. Oh, I almost forgot, it is supposed to be cooler tomorrow. Around 102F or so.That is very good Monday news.

Have to get back to writing, work, work ,work isn't that what Mondays are all about.
Stay cool, be cool.

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