Monday, July 08, 2013

It Rained Sunday.

It rained for all of about 3 minutes and it was lovely. Big fat raindrops knocking the smoke from the air and raising the humidity and lowering the temperature. I opened the door and windows and enjoyed. I know I'm nuts, but I really like monsoon season here. I do not like the lightening setting off fires, but other than that I like monsoon.
There was street flooding warning just to the east of the "Strip" in the area of Gi Gi's cupcakes.

 Next time you are in Las Vegas go to Gi Gi's cupcakes and have a mini cupcake or even better a regular size one. I didn't get one today, but I heard reports that the Orange Cream with Butter Cream Frosting was delicious. I like Cravin' Cakes cupcakes even better but they do not have a storefront. Cravin' Cake has the best butter cream frosting in the world and was voted the best wedding cakes in Las Vegas.

I think I am giving a tour here

I finished writing the novel Sunday afternoon. This book just went on and on. I really am glad to stop writing on it. I have been doing a sentence by sentence of the cover blurb since then.

Mostly yesterday, I felt an sense of unease. A nap didn't help, a chocolate candy didn't help, a cup of tea didn't help, mopping the kitchen floor certainly didn't help. Still feeling I don't know what. Foreboding, just general unease. Probably the humidity, I will be back on the beam later.

Maybe it will rain today and make my day.

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