Saturday, July 13, 2013

These are Free Come and Get 'Um.

These books of mine are free this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. July 12,13,14. That is right zero, zilch, nada, freebie books, how good is that?

 Spill the beans, Jacqueline, where, how and what kind of books are they.

Here is the link to MS. GOT ROCKS
Do You Love a Story With Romance, Adventure and Hunky, Handsome, Mysterious Heroes?
Look no further. Rocky Clancy will rock you. Rock with her adventures from Alaska to California.

Follow Rocky as she leaves her beloved Alaska to make her fortune on her father's gold claim in California. Her attempts at earning a living are seriously and dangerously complicated when her gold claim is jumped by the most gorgeous man ever born.

Her new found BFF is a world class bad girl, and that hunk of a guy is not what he first seems. To make everything worse, the Feds suspect she is up to no good on a world wide scale and Mother Nature is not happy with her, either.
Her gold claim produces a whopper nugget and exacts a horrible price in exchange. Rocky's life is at the lowest point. At least, she thought it was, with the Feds poking around her ranch, and everything in her life going topsy turvy. The devastating point is the news that her BFF is the most wanted criminal in the world. Mr. Tall, Dark and Not As He Seems doesn't know what to make of Rocky, is she an international bad girl or a unknowing gold dredger trying to reconstruct her life? Whichever, he fights the urge to get closer and and closer to the fire that is the red-haired Rocky.
Rocky is a full length novel. About 275 pages depending on your reader. Friday, Saturday and Sunday it will be free, regularly priced at 3.99.

Here is the link for BANGLES AND BRIGHT LIGHTS   

JoJo Lucas is one of the top dancers in the Tom Kats Male Dance Revue at the Wild Kats Theater in Las Vegas. JoJo is blessed with the body of a quarterback and the intelligence to know what he wants in life and what he does not. He wants to be a one woman man, in a business where every woman is supremely beautiful and he can have his choice. 
Mimi Moro is the almost frumpy costume designer at the The Four Aces Casino, she designed and fitted what little costume JoJo wears. Her goal is to design fuzzy bears and bunny rabbit hats for the shows and stay in love with Carlo. The co-workers have met briefly at work, but Jo Jo is involved with Autumn and Carlo is the always absent man for Mimi. Then, Autumn dumps JoJo at the most intimate time (ahem) and a week later Mimi finds Carlo with the Glorious Gloria and that is it for Mimi. Weeks later, when Mimi gets back from Europe,JoJo and Mimi connect over the pizza at Whole Foods. She know instantly he is the one as soon as she looks in his grocery cart. He knows she is the one when, she bites into her artichoke pizza. Loving under the desert stars seals the deal for them. There will be another wedding gown for her to design, one just for her, at last and some interesting play clothes for JoJo to enjoy.
Bangles and Bright Lights is a sensuous  playful, romantic behind the scenes look at the real people who make the City of Illusion work and how they love in Sin City.

BANGLES is a short story of 75 pages depending on your e-reader. Now is it free, regularly priced at 1.99.

Both books are available at  in all e-reader formats, tablets and your PC. There  are no print editions.

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