Friday, June 28, 2013

Hot Time in the Big Town Tonight & Colder than a Brass Monkey's Knuckles.

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Just in case, you didn't know. I live in the Mojave Desert. Once a person is used to the way it looks, you discover that the desert is ever changing and really beautiful in a thousand ways. I am always amazed at the lovely flowers produced by the such heat and little water.

Probably not today and this weekend. We are catching the heat coming in from the east with the high pressure. June here is usually fairly warm, sometimes hot but not awful. But awful is as awful does for the now and the weekend. Today the temp. will be 115F or 46.1 C., possibly a record for us. Saturday and Sunday we are going to be enjoying 117F or 47.2 C. Definite record breaking temps. for those dates in June. Twice in the past 70 years it has been that hot. Death Valley, practically just over the mountain ridge, will be 127F. I have never been in 117F, so of course, I will go outside for a few minutes and catch some rays. For about 2 minutes.

I have been in the other extreme in weather. When I lived in Alaska, I was outside working in an airplane, when the temp was -70F or 56.7C. I was in the interior of the plane, checking on some dogs that were flying through to New York. They were toasty warm and sleeping. I never ever want to be outside in -70F again. Your nose freezes shut and your eyeballs feel really strange and your lids want to freeze up or down. My earrings froze in my ear lobes and my lipstick wasn't that nice smooth stuff any more. Do not stick out your tongue. Never, ever.

Just because I am a weather freak I want that experience of temperature extremes. Believe me, if I could get to Death Valley for 127F, I would be there in a New York minute. The humidity here will be under 15%. There won't be our usually gusty wind.

I do wish I were at my son's apartment. There is a lovely swimming pool that hardly anyone uses and I have a new swimming suit.

Met. report finished. Back to our regular programing.

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