Tuesday, June 25, 2013

They are engaged.

The characters in the latest book are engaged. Keith finally got around to asking Polly to marry him.He waited until Chapter 25. She surprised me by saying yes. Then, I started writing about what to wear to the wedding. I found some bridal veils that I like. Which one do you like?

 The first is The Bel Aire by Advantage Bridal.com. I like this one very much.

The next one is what I would have chosen for my wedding. This is the Mantilla Bridal Lace from www.weddingveil.com
This next one below is so stunning I can barely look at it without getting all teary eyed.
It is the Quixotic Cap from www.supply.com.
I could not resist this lovely fascinator hat and veil. This would be lovely on anyone, but especially Polly with her dark hair, This is the "Be the Headstrong Bride at www.blg.lover.ly.
This one is more traditional. It reminds me of Letecia's veil. She had such a beautiful wedding. She and Ray are still married, the veil must have done the trick.This is the Sims 2 veil from www.deckss.com.

 This veil is all about the cap. I think it is the modern version of the Juliet Cap. It is from a website about crochet, take a peek even if you do not want a Juliet Cap. That would be so special to crochet your own cap. Please enjoy looking at this beauty. It is from http://www.crochetconcupiscence.com/2012/07/crochet-wedding-veils/

This was most fun. Tell me which one you like.


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