Sunday, June 16, 2013


I'm re-opening the blog. It has been a long time and much has happened. One constant has been the need, not urge, physical need to write, I am blessing Amazon and for making it possible to publish without waiting years and years going through the legacy process.

I am finishing all the manuscripts that I have holding in the wings and getting them published. That is mostly for my fun and enjoyment, but they are selling. There are just two left and then I can start writing on the new stuff in my head.

I am now living in the Las Vegas, Nevada area and very happy with the little city of Henderson.

My orchid above is my latest plant and it is a beauty. Since the picture was taken it has opened two more blooms.The background color doesn't really show here. It is yellow green and the red is cherry red. I have another orchid with the opposite coloration. I call them the Yin and Yang orchids.
Welcome back to the blog. I hope we can be friends.


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