Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Story Goes Where it Wants to Go.

The story I am writing now is a romance in the setting of the Civil War. Now at 190 pages, I feel as though I am writing an engineering thesis. How did I get myself into deciding that Polly needed to convert all her ships powered by sail into steam powered vessels? I know, who cares?

I'm presently asking myself, couldn't I have left well enough alone and gone with the hugs and kisses and frolicking in the moonlight. I now possess the exact date the first steam ship crossed the Atlantic, I'm certain you are
U.S. Pacific Mail Ship California.
Courtesy of
I know that steam ships sailed all over the East Coast rivers, canals and more into Canada through the St. Lawrence River, before venturing into the oceans. Are you still there, or just yawning?

I'm going to dig myself out of this today. What was it again, that I majored in at college. It wasn't steam shipping, I remember that much. Bring on the romance.
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