Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Everlasting Earth Worm.

I got the steamships going in the right direction last night. The right direction being off into the sunset somewhere out of the darned story.

For a novella in the original concept and the way I blocked it out on paper, it should have ended precisely 38,302 words ago. I write about 380 words per page, doing the math that is 100.79 pages ago. Talk about your basic long winded writer. Maybe this book wants to be serial. I've always wanted to write a serial.

This huge novella is reminding me of the story my Uncle Erle used to tell us kids. It was The Everlasting Earth Worm. No matter what happened to the worm it always grew back and longer. Uncle Erle in all his creative genius could come up with the most horrendous adventures to happen to the earth worm. Every time he told the story, it changed. Uncle was a physican, but he should have been a children's story writer. He was right up there with Maurice Sendak.

No photos or drawings today I couldn't find an earthworm growing, or steamships steaming into a sunset. I'll try to do better tomorrow.

Someday I hope to tell you this epic novella is finished. Right now you can look at my other finished books at Amazon.    Ms. Got Rocks.  Star Hunter - Bounty Hunters in Space.  Fablous Forty- short story romance about an author finding romance again after she is bit over 40. Also a bit on the erotic side. Also pretty funny, if I do say so myself.  Bangles and Bright Lights. Short story. A erotic romance set in Las Vegas. Featured backscenes of Las Vegas shows and the people who make my home city the destination for fun, and maybe some sin, in the nation. I love the dog in this one. Newton the Corgi.

All of these are for e-readers only. Fire up your Kindles, come and get them.

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