Tuesday, June 18, 2013

  I thought you might like to see the bridge over Hoover Dam near Boulder City, Nevada. I don't know how many feet it is in the air but that puppy is way off the ground. At the moment I took the picture we were even with the actual dam to the left of the picture. Notice the utility standards are on a diagonal, leaning out over the canyon the dam is constructed in. Lake Mead is right behind us. This is approximately 25 miles from where I live in Henderson.
  The Mojave desert looks pretty much like the background mountains. Anyway, if you get to Las Vegas and get bored with the city, take the bus tour out to the dam and don't miss Boulder City, it is very, very cute, but the Alpaca Store doesn't carry yarn. But is worth a visit, great buy on handbags and gloves.
  The new water park is now open in Las Vegas, so if you bring the kidlets, ask any Taxi driver to take you there. Wet and Wild is the name of it.
Okay, tour is over.
  I didn't even get close to the writing goal yesterday. Therefore, today it is get as close to 5000 words as I can. I have never written that many words on a manuscript ever. I'll let you know how close I get.
  I had my final pre-op Doctor appointment yesterday. Since the orthopedist re-sked my op date, I have to do all the durned tests again. Fortunately, my doctor comes equipped with good toys. Got the Ekg and the blood work done right there in the office. The blood tech, don't ask me to spell phlebotomist (I did not either look that up, so there) my Kindle dictionary doesn't have it.Anyway, I got diverted. She couldn't get the blood to come out of one arm. She wriggled the needle around, but no luck. The other arm was being as nasty but finally it went. If I had known that I was going to have blood tests I would have drunk a gallon of water before I went. The one hour bus ride would have proved difficult. LOL.
On to writing onto 1864.

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